Thank you so much for completing this evaluation. I really learnt a lot of the work in this area with your evaluation. And the plan of action for the way forward is clear, which is not always the case of all evaluation reports. Congratulations!

Nafissatou Diop, Chief of Gender and Human Rights Branch, UNFPA

“Thank you so much! This is incredibly efficient. I think the [evaluation] report really reflects what has been happening so far and it is very insightful”.
Matina Tsalavouta, Rothamsted Research

“Susanne, Terry, and others congratulations on yesterday.  It was beautifully crafted, orchestrated and presented, a work of art as workshops go.  I wish others could do as well. And the substance was fascinating.  I won’t say more now.  But I learnt much and was very stimulated.  And struck by the creativity of many people using and giving meaning to two words. Brilliant.  Well done!”
Robert Chambers, IDS

“Given an almost impossible deadline and a requirement for the highest quality of work, Susie delivered a quality product well within the timescale, and provided advice and support over and above contractual requirements without once complaining about the pressure. She was unfailingly helpful and cheerful throughout and we are very happy and impressed with her work”.
Lucy Ambridge, DFID Advisor

“I am a fan of the way you succinctly summarise information without losing its meaning (RNRRS materials in particular)”.
Barry Pound, NRI

“Susie is great and I always enjoy working with her on publications for WWF audiences. Even from the jumbliest of concepts or challenges that we set her, Susie manages to produce work that is easily understood, logical and, frankly, easy to read. She is able to pull together great swathes of information into concise and attractive formats. We have had very positive feedback on stuff we’ve produced with Susie and I would totally recommend her work to anyone.”,
Marie Hounslow, WWF

“You’ve done a good job which, as myself and others have observed, is thorough, thoughtful and much appreciated”